Brain Food

A library is a magical place to chill, oh and most importantly, to read. Our challenge is to find a book that we will enjoy.  Picture books work well but reading is a wonderful experience.

Reasons to love reading:


  1. Increases intelligence.
  2. Boosts your brain power.
  3. Helps you relax.
  4. Helps you to sleep.
  5. Is contagious.
  6. Is fundamental to function in today’s society.
  7. A vital skill in finding a good job.
  8. Develops the mind.
  9. We learn new things.
  10. Develops the imagination.
  11. Improves our creative side.
  12. Develops self-esteem or a good self-image.
  13. Improves spelling.
  14. We research to create good ideas.
  15. Provides mental stimulation.
  16. Improves our memory.
  17. Sustains stronger analytical skills.
  18. Increases focus and concentration.
  19. Helps to better our writing skills.
  20. Gives tranquility.
  21. Is cheap entertainment.
  22. Improves communication skills.
  23. A rewarding hobby.
  24. Improves health.
  25. Improves skills.
  26. Portable entertainment.
  27. Learn about other places in the world.
  28. Improves socialization.
  29. Improves creativity.
  30. Learn about your history.
  31. Improves understanding.
  32. Great movies are the result of great books.
  33. Dares you to grow.
  34. Allows you to experience multiple realities.
  35. Challenges your perspective.
  36. Helps you to forget.
  37. Provides “company” .
  38. Reading brings life.
  39. Develops verbal abilities.
  40. Makes a wonderful conversation piece.
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